National Boulevard, Campbellfield

Elyte Focus was engaged to provide specialist property consultancy services to resolve a very significant and high value property leasing issue.  The brief required strategic management of complex legal matters involving many stakeholders.  The issue concerned the tenant, a supplier to Ford Motor Company, going into administration, the termination of their tenancy, and then Ford Motor Company attempting to force re-entry to the property.  This was a highly significant issue at the time, relating to government policy and to important changes to the automotive industry in Australia.  As such, the issue attracted widespread media coverage.

Elyte Focus coordinated consultancy services and specialist legal services.  A combination of expert knowledge of property services, high-level skills in negotiation, and an innovative approach to problem solving enabled Elyte Focus to achieve a highly successful outcome for the property owners.

Elyte Focus’ services were engaged to manage the property and negotiate the final sale of the property, as well as to provide the required construction services to ‘make good' the property as part of the process.

Specialist Property Manager: Pete Furlong, Elyte Focus Pty Ltd
Builder: Elyte Focus Pty Ltd